X station 5 from XTB

The xStation5 is the award-winning trading platform developed by the XTB Forex Broker, a German online broker that has become very popular internationally.

xStation5: The award-winning XTB platform

In addition to the popular Metatrader 4 platform, the broker offers its users the opportunity to trade on xStation5, which has exciting features that have captured the attention of many traders.

The functions of the xStation5 are attractive for beginners as well as experienced or professional traders. It is a highly technological trading platform, which is worth exploring in-depth, as we will do in this article.

Below are the main features of the technical analysis of the self-made XTB platform.

Interactive charts present. The trader on the xStation5 can place market orders, stop losses, take profits and pending orders directly on the interactive chart if the value of the asset reaches the desired threshold. With this function, the trader will be able to see in more detail how to set up his trade.

Technical analysis tools. Within the charts the trader can use the best tools of technical analysis and the most popular indicators. These include Fibonacci retracements, moving averages and the RSI indicator.
Trader’s calculator. The xStation trader’s calculator allows the trader to know instantly what profit or loss he might have considering various factors. Some of the elements are stop loss, lot size and take profit. In this way, the trader knows in advance what he is facing by opening that financial position.

Market analysis on the xStation5

The technical analysis’ tool not only the only quality of the x Station5. The XTB platform offers several other features, which we will see during this in-depth look at.

Let us now deal with the market analysis. Traders registered on XTB and who have decided to use the xStation5 can perform a market analysis thanks to some tools provided by the platform and present in it.

Market sentiment. With this function, traders can find out what other traders think about certain assets on the platform, i.e. whether they prefer long (upward) or short (downward) positions. The sentiment is useful for understanding whether the market shares your intuition or not. This should not, in any case, have a definite impact on your operations, but should be a possible starting point for improving your strategy and your choices.
Stock scanner. This function is handy for those who want to trade on shares. Here you can filter out the best stocks by annual returns, EPS, market capitalisation, P/E, dividend yield and P/B.
Top movers. This tool indicates the most significant market movements between assets on the xStation5 platform. It can be useful for finding new trading opportunities.

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The xStation5 platform is very user-friendly. Even novice traders will soon be able to learn how it works and how to act within it.

An example of the platform user friendliness

The image above shows the interface of the xStation5 platform. On the left side you will find the financial assets offered by XTB on its trading platform, while on the right side there are other functions, such as charts, news, economic calendar, market analysis and training. Below these are the open positions and below them are the balance sheet, the equity, the margin, the available margin and its level.

Remember that with a single click you can close all transactions at a loss or all those in gain. In this way, you can make your profit or buffer your losses in just one second!

xStation 5 mobile

Xstation5 on mobile

The xStation5 can be used on various devices and not just on the computer. Add that you can decide to download the platform on your computer or use it directly through your browser by logging in to XTB.

With just one account you can also reach the xStation5 via tablet, smartphone and even smartwatch. The interface is adapted to the device you are using. Thanks to the various devices you can trade wherever you are, and in any way, you only need the application and an internet connection!

How to register and trade on xStation5

To trade on the xStation5 platform, you need to register on XTB by clicking Here

Open your trading account today! Invest professionally with the XTB broker!
Please note that the XTB broker is regulated and authorised by CySEC (Cyprus), KNF (Poland) and FCA (United Kingdom). XTB, therefore, follows the European regulations and is subject to controls by the authorities above

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