Welcome To Engine Forex 

Engine Forex is the brain child of Steffen Droll.

Steff has been actively researching the financial services, trading and Forex industries for several years.

While putting numerous brokers and providers to the test he understood that the markets and offers can be very different and complex, time consuming to research and often confusing – especially for people that are new to trading or those that want to get more out of their trading.

That’s why Steffen founded Engine Forex in 2017, a search engine, review and comparison site that focuses on providing clear and detailed information about brokers, trading, Forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies / digital assets.

The site was designed to provide traders of all levels with all relevant information to choose a suitable broker wisely without having to research the whole web, make the same mistakes he made or waste time and money.

At the moment Engine Forex has a team of traders located in Europe and Australia constantly keeping the website up to date with the right information, while also writing some educational content and offering support to other traders when requested.